Water based varnish for production of gold and silver card

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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Main Raw Material:
Paper Coating
Application Method:
Liquid Coating


water based varnish,this product is used in the production of gold and silver card

water based varnish,product information, this product is suitable for wet compound machine coating on the transfer aluminum paper, PET/BOPP film, aluminum foil and other substrates, used in the production of gold and silver card, and has good gloss, transparent, high adhesion, low odor, consistent with VOC requirements and so on cigarette packets.

product specifications

1 appearance: Milky thin liquid ( visual ).

2 solid content: 28 ±2% ( oven baking method, GB2793--81 ).

3 viscosity: 14 ±3 seconds (painted 4 cup, GBT13217.4--91 ).

4.PH: 8 ±0.5 ( PH precision test ).

 Using the method

1 for the production of silver, directly on the machine printing coating, can also be based on specific circumstances appropriately diluted, diluent available alcohol: water =1:1, dilute to the water and alcohol with good plus, not directly add alcohol, most adds varnish volume 15% diluent.

2 coated substrate for transfer of aluminum paper or aluminum PET surface, BOPP laser aluminum surface.

3 printing and coating, it needs to consider the oven temperature, bake Road length, vehicle speed; suggest the oven temperature set at 90 °C, 110 °C, 120 °C, 110 °C, 95 °C; bake Road should be more than 10 meters; to dry, no deformation, good gloss as standard.

4 edition of best choice ceramic roller printing roller 250 ~ 300 orders, engraving depth 30U ± 5, such as the choice of the metal roller, can refer to the above ceramic roller parameter, but should regularly check the degree of wear of the roller, printing roller is too shallow to avoid uneven coating and the coating amount not enough.