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Quick Details
UV Ink
Printing Type:
Offset Printing
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)


UV waterless offset ink mainly applies on the CD,DVD Compact disc and the label printing

UV 32 ,UV waterless offset pritning ink

1.Product introduction:

UV32 Series ink is a UV-curable waterless offset printing inks.

 with excellent adhesion and printability for disc substrates .Applied on the CD \ VCD \ DVD printing and other non-absorbent materials. Applied widely in the CD printing industry..

2. Basic color:

Four-color set of ink:

UV32-K (501)  Black

UV32-C (403)  cyan

UV32-Y (203)   yellow

UV32-M (320)   magneta

Accept the transparent color / spot color and metal color customized and production.

3, product features:

1. Excellent adhesion On the PC substrates, or pre-coated UV screen printing white ink

2. Good Printability, good mobility, good on CTI material

3. Colorful, and bright.

4. Attention :

1. With regard to printing plate: need to use waterless PS plate.

2. Safety Performance: Do not adhere ink to clothing or skin for a long time, and sometimes has allergic phenomenon, therefore please protect it while you use.

3. Preservation condition: stored in cool, dry room, recommended be placed in the freezer (5 - 10 ).


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