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Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland), China
Electrical Insulating Varnish


UV TUBE varnish mainly applied for the treated PE, PVC and other high quality plastic tube

UV  TUBE varnish                


          UV TUBE Varnish is specialised in treated  PE plastic tube lines produced by the UV curing  .This uv varnish coating adaptability good, leveling, gloss plump, strong adhesion, scratch, Strong resistance to chemical properties, post processing performance, and can be hot stamping and screen printing  


         mainly applied for the treated PE, PVC and other high quality  plastic tube


  Appearance Transparent

 Chroma (fe-co) ≤ 1

 Weathering resistance temperature 70 , Humidity 90 , time, 100hrs

 Gloss (60 ° black) ≥ 91

 Anti-yellowing (standard yellowing box) 24H through

 Hardness 2-3H

 Cell adhesion through 100

 Viscosity (100rmp.4 #) 300 ± 100mpa.s

 Stamping Period 15 days

 Instructions for use:

 Stir completely before use to clear and transparent, may be placed roller coating equipment for the construction, in the UV drying conditions: 120 w / c , drying temperature :35-60 under the conditions of use.

 Storage conditions: (a). Room temperature :20-25 (b). Relative humidity: <80% (c). Avoid sunlight and store in cool place

 Health and Safety: Please refer to MSDS, ink slightly irritating to the skin, contact immediately wash with soap and water, and medical treatment.