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Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Electrical Insulating Varnish


UV Varnish is Applicable Materials:Paper and its presswork,Main Purpose :Glazing, protection

UV  Varnish

The UVZ series paper gloss oil is suitable for roller printing various kinds of paper, embodying the characteristics of high adhesiveness, high glossiness, non-yellowing, abradability, rapid drying speed

Technical Parameters:




Transparent primrose liquid

Specific gravity25




Nonvolatile elements

Above 99%

Printing base materials

Diversified kinds of paperor orbottom-oiled paper PVCPET plastic and other base materials, free-rendering paper

Drying speed(three 80W/cm lamps)

≤3 seconds

Typical features

Good glossiness Excellent adhesiveness to hard-absorbing materials

. Using Methods and Notice
1.Construction process: gloss oiling to roll coating firstly and then ultraviolet rays curing.
2. Adjusting gloss oil viscosity according to oiling condition (controlling tank temperature to be 30 or so), but not more than 70 printing to gloss oil.
3.Oiling capacity is ascertained by the requirement of paper brightness, generally covering 4-6g/cm2.
4.Excessive coating or uneven oiling can reduce the brightness.
5.Fully shining to dry must be done after oiling, otherwise non-abradability and scratch maybe resulted in.
6.The company is equipped with special cleaning agent to clean roll coater.
7.Airtight preservation at light-avoiding and hot-avoiding place.

Packing:Elegant plastic drum packing, 30 kilograms of net weight.