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Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)


UV tube varnish,applicable to the packing materials of PE tube and colored flakes

  gloss oil

The UVPE-111 type gloss oil is applicable to the packing materials of PE tube and colored flakes, embodying the characteristics of high adhesiveness, non-yellowing, non-odor after curing, rapid drying speed, colorless and transparent curing film, good flexility and bronzing capable.

     Technical Parameters
1.Appearance: Colorless to primrose translucent liquid
2.Viscosity: 40-50 seconds (four cups of paint)
3.Specific gravity: 1.10g/cm225.
4.Solid content: above 95%
5.Drying speed: 1-3 seconds (three 80W/cm high-voltage ultraviolet lamps)
6.Resistance to alcohol wiping: not losing by wiping 100 times after being soaked for one hour.
7.Resistance to warm water60invariable to be soaked for one hour
8.Brine proofing5%Naclinvariable to be soaked for one hour
9.Firingproof100invariable inside oven for one hour
10.Resistance to inside substance (cleanser essence): invariable to be soaked for one hour
11.Yellowing: non-yellowing
12.Adhesiveness (adhesive tape paper): 100%
13.Storagte: three-month airtight preservation